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Sewing Group

Meeting once per week, Centro's curriculum-guided sewing program instills valuable and marketable skills in its participants, also serving as a unique and supportive social environment. This class is a self-led and self-sustaining group of 20 – 25 women who have gathered weekly for more than 18 years. This group grew over the past year, requiring us to seek funding to purchase additional sewing machines. Women learn sewing skills and connect to a much needed social network. Sewing is a marketable skill and one that helps participants to save money within their own households.

In developing sewing skills, the women can:

a) save money within their own households; and

b) develop a marketable skill that can enhance their household incomes.

Additionally, the sewing group fosters a social network that can negate some of the isolation many immigrant women feel upon leaving their family and friends in their native country. Approximately 30 women participate in the program each year.

The Sewing Group meets weekly on Friday mornings at 9:30 throughout the school year. New students welcome!

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